By Ashley Caputo

The predictive dialer is one of the best solutions for contact centers that don’t want to waste time making calls that could be considered “dead-ends” or go unanswered. Agents can make better use of their time and complete other tasks that need to be attended to, like their live customer service calls.

Not only do predictive dialers eliminate wasted time and effort, they help call centers deliver successful customer service experiences and eliminate the number of dropped calls. If you are a call center and still do not utilize these solutions, here are a few reasons why predictive dialer software will increase your efficiency levels while staying within budgets.


In a world plagued by such economic depression, telecommunication companies have been exhausting every effort to reduce spending in as many sectors as possible. However, the predictive dialer software is used by businesses that are looking to expand their marketing reach to a larger audience, but at a lesser cost. This type of software can operate by itself so that businesses don’t have to spend money on a live representative’s making each call and waste time on those that are unanswered. This type of software can operate by itself as it has the ability to be time zone sensitive and alternate number dialing so that businesses can increase the productivity levels of its agents.

Expand Volume Reach

A predictive dialer has the ability to quickly and automatically place outbound calls and connect the answered calls to available agents. By monitoring the call center volume and the time spent on each call the software has the ability to adjust its dial rate to minimize the wait time agents spend between conversation and the hold time for callers. Agents can manually increase or decrease the amount of inbound and outbound calls, which can ultimately increase productivity every day.

The Cloud

Recently, the induction of the cloud into the predictive dialer system has completely transformed the cost and IT infrastructure, making this solution even more attractive for call centers and businesses. The scalability of the cloud is the real game changer for call centers, as it has unlimited amounts of space and allows them to expand or add more agents without making any effort. With a cloud predictive dialer, call centers don’t have to make a large financial investment into the infrastructure, as there is no hardware or servers that need to be bought or installed.

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