Voice One powered by thē Call Center Corporation is considered an expert in the field of Message Marketing and is a leading provider of messaging services, including Text and Voice, to a wide range of marketing verticals and is launching a campaign to find the infamous Rebecca Martin.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

Rebecca Martin has been heard throughout the world through Ringless Voicemails and blast messages. Which begs the question…who is Rebecca Martin?

Voice One is on a mission to find Rebecca Martin and subsequently needs the help of industry professionals. In order to assist, all someone needs to do to aid in Rebecca Martin’s search is text “rebeccamartin” to 72727 or call 1-877-499-7012 and inform Voice One Rebecca Martin’s identity.

Don’t worry because there will be clues each week with the final clue being delivered to the audience of Voice One’s August 14th webinar.

The lucky winner to figure out who Rebecca Martin is will win a trip to Vail, Colorado for an unforgettable weekend. Traveling to Vail is an exciting opportunity to experience the Rocky Mountains in their prime while the leaves are changing and the air is cooling. It is guaranteed to be a trip of a lifetime for one lucky winner.

The winner will be notified after the last clue is revealed during Voice One’s upcoming Webinar on August 14.

“Remember…in order to win you must text or call in,” explains Steve Bederman, CEO of thē Call Center Corporation. The clues will be delivered through Voice One’s network so if an industry professional does not currently receive Voice One’s Glass of Sherry weekly news email or the company’s other messages through mobile and social networks then it is advisable to go directly to http://www.thecallcentercorp.com and sign up to receive them.

About Voice One

Voice One is a full-service and self-service provider that offers a multichannel communication platform featuring voice and text solutions designed to deliver targeted and personalized messages, such as appointment and payment reminders. Our hosted system has the ability to handle virtually any interactive messaging campaign that can be imagined providing reliability, innovation and scalability that will inevitably relieve pressure on your business.

About thē Call Center Corporation

thē Call Center Corporation, a Bederman company, offers call center technology solutions. One of a group of subsidiaries owned by the Corporation, and created to fill the gap between call center software providers and customer needs in the call center market, thē Call Center Corporation is a new kind of call center solutions provider. thē Call Center Corporation recognizes customer requirements, suggests solutions from a portfolio of only highly rated products, and helps customers implement technology to improve efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment.

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