Altitude Contact Center Enterprise Software

Altitude Unified Customer Interaction (uCI™) Suite

Altitude uCI™ is a suite of call center software applications aimed at helping organizations achieve a successful Unified Customer Interaction strategy. Altitude contact center software provides consistent handling of customer interactions across all communications channels, to maintain a consistent customer experience, and integrates with legacy enterprise systems and databases. Altitude uCI™ is designed to enable users to reduce cost by optimizing resources, and enhance revenue through effective customer acquisition and contact strategy.

Altitude Call Center Management

Managing a contact center with several inbound, outbound and multimedia campaigns running and different agent skills without the proper tools can be an exhausting, difficult task. Altitude uCI™ minimizes the complexity of the multimedia call center model and provides a single supervisor desktop application to efficiently manage and monitor all contact center operations in real-time.

Supervisors can easily monitor all aspects of the customer interaction in a consolidated view or per-media. The global interaction volume and queue length, the achievement of the defined service levels, the effectiveness of the running campaigns or the agents’ productivity allow supervisors to immediately react to unexpected changes or abnormal situations.  Altitude uCI™ also provides complete historical reporting and straightforward integration with business intelligence tools to enable informed short and long-term decision making.

Altitude uCI™ Product Suite

The Altitude uCI™ product suite allows companies to interact with their customers in a personalized way by keeping the history of previous interactions and maintaining the context of interactions with the customer whilst moving from one channel to another. The Altitude uCI™ suite allows companies to manage not only the various touch points of the organization – for both self-service and assisted interactions across voice, email, and Web channels – but also enables the company to optimize the long-term value of each customer relationship. The Unified Customer Interaction (uCI™) architecture enables a true 360º view of customers by capturing and then consolidating information about interactions in a single data repository.

The Altitude uCI™ Repository also feeds unified contact management and reporting tools so that the organization has relevant information about every interaction. Additionally, the Altitude Software solution provides seamless integration with enterprise systems such as ProcessUSA merchant billing, CRM, and financial applications, thus giving access to an enterprise wide view of the customer.

Altitude uCI™ provides a unified touch point management tool, enabling a consistently unified customer experience across all interaction channels. The Altitude uCI™ suite provides customer retention mechanisms, such as identification, personalization and routing based on customer information, business rules, agent skills and service levels.

Integration Management

Customers reach the contact centre through various channels. The Altitude uCI™ platform manages channel communications including point of sale, fax, SMS, voice, email, self-channels, such as IVR and web collaboration. The Altitude uCI™ suite provides unified channel management capabilities in order to ensure consistency across customer interactions.

The context is maintained as customers move seamlessly between self and assisted service or from one channel to the other. Altitude Voice is a robust solution that synchronizes voice and data through CTI in contact centre environments. With optional dialing and recording functionality, Altitude Voice can automate tasks, such as placing campaign-specific outbound calls, enabling intelligent routing for inbound calls, and performing voice recording for quality assurance purposes. Altitude Voice ensures that all the relevant information follows the call through its lifecycle.

Altitude Email enables organizations to achieve high service levels for email management. Altitude Email is designed to fully integrate with other interaction channels in the contact centre environment. In order to achieve service consistency across all channels, the same routing conditions and interaction support of the voice-based interactions can be implemented. Altitude uCI™ Email responses that may contain confidential information can be automatically secured though PGP Universal. For maximum convenience Altitude Email is integrated with Spell Checker and LDAP Directory Services.

Altitude Collaborator offers human assistance to customers on the web site to bridge the gap between self and assisted service. One of the major benefits is the collaborative assistance in real time over the Internet that improves profitability and reduces the abandonment rates of the Website. Features include co-browsing, escorted form filling, and file transfer. Collaboration sessions are supported by voice or web chat.

Altitude IVR enables customer self-service through voice menus and speech recognition or touch-tone phone controls. Altitude IVR also supports text to speech technologies. Altitude IVR optimizes assisted service levels and routes interactions based on previously gathered information. Altitude IVR is suitable for many applications and completely integrates with the voice channel. The outbound IVR allows companies to create a “low cost / high touch” channel to provide valuable information to the customer through a low cost interaction medium.

Routing, Automating, Managing, and Monitoring Interactions

As well as the unified channel management capabilities, contact centers need tools to optimize the contact centre performance. Altitude uCI™ provides a set of components that allow for intelligent routing of multimedia interactions, real-time monitoring and reporting of contact centre operations, and a rapid development of campaign scripts.

Altitude Unified Routing is a multimedia, intelligent inbound call routing tool that ensures customers will receive the right level of service from the most appropriate agent in the optimum time frame, regardless of the channel they use to contact the organization. Altitude Unified Routing applies intelligent and skills-based routing rules to all types of inbound interactions.

Altitude uSupervisor is a state-of- the-art supervision and management tool that manages, monitors, and allows real-time as well as historical reporting of all aspects of a multimedia contact centre. Altitude uSupervisor can be used to access several sites or contact centres simultaneously in different locations, provided they are all connected through the network.

Altitude uAgent is an easily customizable agent interface that allows the agent to execute and control multimedia interactions from a single application, while maintaining a unified view of the customer information. Customizable scripts that run on the agent application provide agents with the necessary information to interact with customers, while saving training costs. The Altitude uAgent has two interfaces that are related to two different environments: a Web-based application and a Windows-based application.

Altitude Scripting is an industry unique language and development environment specialized for contact centers, allowing the design, control, and execution of the most critical customer interaction modules in the contact centre, namely the IVR scripting, the interaction routing, and the agent desktop GUI and dialog scripts. A single development generates agent scripts for both Web and Windows environments. Furthermore, all scripts can be changed on the fly to quickly respond to changing business needs. Altitude Scripting lowers the total cost of the solution due to a rapid application development.

Outbound Campaign Management

The benefits of outbound dialling are added to the flexibility of adapting to changing business needs. The Altitude solution is based on a software dialer that comprises of all pacing modes including powerful predictive dialing algorithms. Dialing is one of the most important operations in any Contact Centre since it leverages customer information to determine the best time to make successful contact, the most economic way to do it, and also it takes available human resources into account. The economics of voice remain by far the most influential factor in a contact centre’s productivity.

Altitude vBox

Altitude vBox is a contact center optimized soft switch running on standard hardware and based on Asterisk, which enables customers to reap the benefits of world class software functionality at a modest cost. Fully scalable, the solution can start with just a few seats and grow to meet the organizations specific needs, enhancing both features and functionalities along the way. Altitude uCI™ and Altitude vBox offer a turnkey solution that enable organizations to implement a state-of-the art IP contact centre very rapidly.

Development Tools

Altitude provides a development environment specially designed to construct contact centre scripts in a simple and flexible way. Altitude also provides an Integration Server, supporting Web services, DCOM, XML RPC, SOAP, and a wide set of standard APIs (such as Java, C, C#).

Third-Party Integration

Altitude uCI™ Suite is integrated with products from industry leading eCRM/CRM and eBusiness software providers such as SAP, and Siebel.

Altitude University

The Altitude University organization delivers advanced technical and end-user education courses on Altitude’s products and technologies to both customers and business partners. A full range of courses is provided through regular training programs at our offices, on-demand and on-site training sessions. Altitude University offers a large variety of training options with specific formats for supervisors, administrators and developers in several languages. An Altitude training professional will work with you to design the appropriate curriculum, customized training courses and programs that meet the needs of the people in your organization.

The Altitude uCI™ Suite

Altitude uCI™ product highlights:
• Next Generation IP solution
• Unified management, across all channels:
• Voice, VoIP, Email, Fax, SMS, Chat &Web.
• Awarded Dialer, DNC/TPS compliant
• Powerful CTI (Computer Telephony
• Integration) links to major telephony and
• IP telephony platforms;
• Intelligent routing of all interactions based on skills and business rules
• Advanced and efficient Predictive Dialing module
• Do not call compliance
• Altitude Voice Portal
• State-of-the-art supervision and management tool
• Agent desktop with optional agent scripting application and/or links to existing systems
• Rapid application development environment – one graphical language controls agent desktop, IVR and routing scripts
• Multi-site
• Support to remote agents
• Modular solution (add functionality as your contact centre develops)
• Platform and infrastructure independence
• Highly scalable (from ten to thousands of agents)
• Altitude Voice Recorder for quality monitoring, and out-of-the-box integration with 3rd party quality monitoring solutions
• Out-of-the-box integration to Teleopti CCC, connectors to SAP, Siebel, MS Dynamics CRM and

The value of Altitude uCI™
• Improved productivity
• Reduced agent turnover
• Lower costs of operations
• Increased customer satisfaction and retention
• Maximized cross-and up-selling opportunities
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
• Rapid application deployment (RAD)
• Excellence in customer experience
• Faster and higher return on investment