AnswerClick™ powered by Coginov

All of your self-service and multiple customer engagement solutions in one


AnswerClick™  powered by Coginov, a game-changing call center technology that combines the simplicity of a knowledgebase with the power of a semantics database and inference engine. Built on top of the CoginovAPI, the solution allows your clients and end-users to ask questions in natural language form to a virtual call center agent directly on your website and receive pre-determined, guided answers from the knowledgebase.

AnswerClick™, Virtual agent has the capability to think and act as a human agent would and can predict related answers and questions for a pleasant, intuitive customer service experience. Implementation is quick, and statistics and reports of questions and answers allow administrators to bring the AnswerClick™ agent up-to-date, to build intelligence and responses directly into the solution.


Easy administrative features make keeping the AnswerClick™ Virtual Assistant accurate with virtually no time or effort. With the statistics and metrics modules provided, user sessions are reported on to convert user history and the related inquiries into intelligence and understanding your clients and end-user needs. Understand your client requests and make adjustments accordingly to fulfill the demands being requested by the client and end-users alike; and to improve your customer service and marketing performance levels. AnswerClick™, presently provides assistance in 3 languages and can expand further to provide a multilingual international virtual agent ready to field any question and provide guided always accurate up-to date information.






AnswerClick™ powered by Coginov has the capability to carry chat sessions with clients on websites, social media, and mobile smart phones. Once AnswerClick™ has established or bridged a knowledgebase, it’s ready to interact in chats, to answer questions, route requests and provide better Business Intelligence, Customer Service and First Response management.

” Coginov’s AnswerClick search engine uses very efficient semantic natural language processing that enables us to provide appropriate answers to our clients without requiring them to go through our phone or email support systems. Clients can find answers on their own and that improves our response time in general, leaving us more time to focus on more complicated or detailed requests that require immediate human intervention. This self-service option allows us to adjust responses to the clients’ needs as we go and so enables us to constantly improve the efficiency of this tool for our users. Since its introduction in 2011, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of basic requests. The Virtual gent has given us the ability achieve our goal of providing great support to our valued customers.”

–Pierre DeJordy, Senior Manager IT, Dr Tax Software


the Call Center Corporation and Coginov are excited to announce the introduction of AnswerClick Mobile!



Did you know that 85 percent of the population have a mobile phone?

Or that 50 percent of  smartphone users use customer service applications to solve issues?

Now available as a mobile application, AnswerClick Mobile can still offer the simplicity of a knowledgebase with the power of a semantics database and inference engine. Additionally, this new app allows clients and end users to ask questions in natural language format to a virtual call center agent to receive pre-determined, guided answers from the knowledgebase. Working from the same database as  AnswerClick, thie mobile application will drive customer service and create additional ease of use.

For a preview of AnswerClick™ features and benefits, we invite you to join us for a quick presentation, which will provide you with an overview and demo of the solution.

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