Secrets to conquering the new world of sales

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    by Ken Dooley December 13, 2013 The days of the door-to-door salesperson are a thing of the past. Prospects no longer expect salespeople to show up at their home and sell them a vacuum. Nor do they call companies and ask them to send out a salesperson to explain what they have to offer. And why would they? That’s what the Internet’s for. The tremendous growth of and focus on Internet marketing should send a powerful message to every organization that the sales world has changed. Customers today want to take their time shopping around...

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    Logistics call center plans to hire 40 veterans

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    Dan Human December 16, 2013 A food distributor plans to add 40 jobs at its Indianapolis call center, and the CEO wants a military veteran to fill every position. Flagship Logistics Group has begun hiring for a new customer support center it opened downtown this month in a historic building at 429 N. Pennsylvania St. The company spent $1 million designing the space to “exceed standards” set by the Americans with Disabilities Act to accommodate employees injured in combat, said CEO Bob Moran. That means no stairs, no narrow aisles, break...

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    Leverage Your Preparation

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    By Linda Richardson Preparing for a sales call, while it still takes discipline and time, has never been easier. Technology (CRMs, Google, other web resources) has dramatically reduced research time. The other side of the coin is that technology has made business more instantaneous and that has put more demand on salespeople’s time. Although preparing for a call can be done more quickly, preparation continues to be an area where many salespeople fall short in two ways: not preparing adequately, and then not leveraging their preparation to...

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    Call center hosts benefit to help end youth homelessness

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    Reported by: Krystal Allan December 11th, 2013 LAS VEGAS — Desert Call Connection, a customer service solutions company, hosted a “Pancakes and Pajamas” day today to benefit StandUp For Kids, a non-profit organization that works to put an end to youth homelessness. DCC will donate one sleeping bag and a pair of pajamas or other necessities for every employee that comes to work in pajamas. “I know what it’s like to not know where my next meal is coming from or the next time I will have a roof over my head,” said Gabriel Bristol, CEO...

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    What’s hot in the Contact Centre World

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    11 Dec 2013 – Filed under Call Centre Life Jonty Pearce sums up what’s been hot (and not) in 2013 and what to look out for in 2014. What’s Hot Web Chat NetPromoter Customer Effort Emotional Intelligence Speech Analytics Social Customer Service Flexible shifts Multi-skilling Web self-service What’s Not Slow IT systems (we really ought to do something about this) Average Handling Time as an agent metric Under-staffing Email response times over 1 hour Scheduling by Excel Answer Machine Detection IVR Outbound Telesales What’s...

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    The Top 25 positive words and phrases

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    Posted by John Sullivan — 27 Jul In a customer service environment, the language that we use can have a huge impact on how the customer perceives the service. In a sales environment this is even more critical. Here Pinaz Hansotia has pulled together the top 25 positive words and phrases that we can use to improve our customer interactions. Good things DO come in small packages These little words should win medals, as adding any one of them into your conversation has the potential to transform average customer service into great customer...

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    7 Social Media Challenges for Contact Centres

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    by Jeremy Taylor 10th December 2013 Social media has brought with it new opportunities for contact centres, allowing them to interact with customers on the channel of their choice, in public and in a much more personal way. Of course, such a wholesale change in the way we communicate with customers brings with it a number challenges and brands are struggling to respond. For instance: 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected and outdated systems. 71% of companies say they are concerned about...

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    3 qualities your seasonal contact center workers must have

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    by Michele McGovern November 26, 2013 When it’s time to ramp up hiring in your contact center, researchers say these are the most important qualities to look for in temp workers: The workers need to be out-going, curious and able to multi-task, according to a recent study by Evolv. “Smart businesses are increasingly looking to their workforce as their greatest source of advantage,” says Evolv CEO Max Simkoff, “It’s more important than ever that the right people are in the right roles.” The most productive seasonal workers tend...

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    How well do you know the competition? 6 questions you should be able to answer

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    by Ken Dooley November 27, 2013 Tough competitive situations are a fact of business life. Success is measured by your ability to take from competitors’ existing market shares as you protect your customer base. Despite intense competition, it’s possible to take steps to prevent the competition from convincing customers to buy their product or service. Creating a strategic profile of each of your competitors may help you develop a more effective sales and marketing strategy. Here are six questions you should be able to answer: Who are...

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    Warning: Too many choices may spoil the sale

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    by Ken Dooley December 4, 2013 When faced with too many choices, prospects can become paralyzed and do nothing at all. Here’s a great example: Researchers went to a grocery store and set up tasting booths. On one table they had 24 jams that shoppers could taste. On another there were just six. Surprising results Some of the results may surprise you: 60% of the shoppers stopped at the table with 24 jams 40% of the shoppers stopped at the table with six jams 30% of the people who stopped at the table with six jams purchased one, and 3% of...

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