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Coginov’s purpose is to help call centers uncover and structure information into useful and meaningful re-purpose able content. The company’s uniqueness lies heavily in semantics and natural language processing. Using a sophisticated combination of techniques Coginov uncovers and identifies the main concepts within text and unstructured documents to add structure and leverage data management, leading to understanding the potential in your call center’s Big Data. Coginov’s ability to find all the meaningful facts and accomplish intelligent structure makes organizing, securing and governing your data comprehensible. The company’s solutions are one of a kind and can be leveraged or tied into your existing systems.

It is essential to understand both the context and linguistic intricacies in the language in order to fully discover the hidden potential in data. Coginov natural language process engines generate artificial intelligence mapping that of a human being to analyse and extract the intent and meaning of data to parse and classify information into purpose-able, meaningful knowledge. In order to keep customer relationships strong, dealing with big data is a must. Knowledge accumulation and usage is a key to business success. Provide your employees, partners, and customers with the knowledge management software tool they require to do better business.

Think you do not have to worry about big data, think again.  How many documents, emails, chat logs, customer call notes are on your network that you can do nothing with?  What if you could tap into those concepts and know what lies within?

Larger companies – “Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for consulting services and fees to discover you have a big data problem?”

“Maybe you hired these consultants but you still do not know how big of a problem you have”



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Coginov Products

AnswerClick powered by Coginov

AnswerClick™ powered by Coginov intelligently holds chat sessions with clients on websites, social media, and mobile smart phones and utilizes the CoginovAPI to crawl websites, micro sites and servers to locate content using your business unstructured data and info to find the answers to specific topics, or products and then establish predetermined questions which relate to the answers. This generates an evergrowing and intelligent knowledgebase that can be used in chats and requests to answer customer questions.

Information Audit

Coginov’s Informational Audit Tool assists in getting control over a company’s Big Data and assesses the quality of  an enterprise’s data,  streamlines content and eliminates redundant information; thus, giving a company the ability to project data requirements for the future.

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SharePoint Attribute

Having designed Search and Text Analytics, summary and sentiment connectors for Microsoft’s SharePoint, Enterprise 2010, to enhance classification, Coginov can automate the tagging and classification of documents and generate new metadata and taxonomies from the concepts found in documents or use existing taxonomies that are meaningful to an enterprise to enhance content’s significance in search and workflow processes.

Coginov 311

Coginov’s 311 model, helps with providing accurate answers to questions and directing users to related answers and locations without adding confusion or clutter from generic search. Coginov 311 uses Coginov’s API information classifiers, crawl information and keep the knowledge-base current for accurate and always accessible information. Call agents quickly adopt and accept the solution based on its accuracy, which assists with training and ensuring that the latest, updated information is present.