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Voice One Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is an effective way to “stay connected” to mobile customers. Marketing on mobile devices is becoming more and more popular to the general public– don’t be left out on the quickest and easiest way to reach your audience! Consider this…

  • Over 90% have their mobile phone within reach 24/7
  • Text message response time is 90 seconds vs. 90 minutes for an email
  • Mobile open rates are 97%, compared to 20% for email
  • The average user looks at their phone 150 times a day!

You will gain the ability to inform your customer through one-way texts or receive feedback from your client via two-way text messages, as well as, have access to extensive tools to generate keyword campaigns, develop mobile websites, QR code generator, Text to Win, Text to Donate, Auto Responders, SMS Polls, mobile coupons, and more. 



By adding text messaging to a communication strategy you harness one of the fastest growing communication methods in the world and simultaneously improve the likelihood of having a message delivered.  You will inevitably…

  • Increase frequency of payments
  • Increase participation and awareness of special events and new offerings
  • Grow social media interactions
  • Increase new customer acquisition
  • Increase transactions and referrals through viral marketing

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