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How can we possibly do this?

It is quite simple, we have partnered with NexInteractive to figure out how to meet the customer demand for a low cost solution.  In a recent press release Steve Bederman, past CEO of TouchStar and current CEO of The Call Center Corporation is offering Hosted Dialer seats for call centers at an industry low!

He explained that, “this is not a low quality dialer! My name has always represented the finest dialers and I believe our current product offers equal or higher value than any other in the market. It is simply time that dialer companies stop overcharging for what today is much easier to implement than in years past. Technology providers such as The Call Center Corporation can afford to charge less and still offer high value service. Just because Call Centers are used to paying more doesn’t mean that it should always be that way.”

Bederman went on the say, “as long as we can maintain reasonable volume of license sales then we can afford to pass on savings to the marketplace. To do this we will test this pricing for the remainder of 2012.”

Every hosted system figures in support costs into their pricing model and this is no different.  The delivery methods are also less expensive but to meet the demand of some call centers to do integrations, custom work and other special services forces additional costs in support and development for every customer.

With NexInteractive’s innovations on the development and delivery model that allows for significant reduction in the infrastructure costs over scale and the idea of offering an out of the box non customizable product line, we can now do the unthinkable and charge the lowest price you will find for a system of this quality.


NexInteractive’s INexis Standard Contact Center Solution

Scalable to Meet your Business Needs on Demand
  • Increase agent productivity rapidly
  • Increase sales by 400%
  • No contracts it’s month to month
  • Minimize Capital Investment
  • Rapid implementation up to same day
  • Uptime 99.998



Outbound – Easy to learn interface with all the controls to maintain your compliance included (time-zone management, drop call management, compliance for collections messaging also available)

Features available:                                                                                                                                        

  • Predictive dialing
  • Progressive
  • Vertical Dialing
  • Preview dial
  • Easy Record uploads
  • Full export of results files
  • Custom CRC Status codes for every campaign
  • 100% call recording basic (Push FTP Recordings is available at an extra charge)
  • Message broadcasting with CPA (Additional per minute charges for messaging and text-to-speech messaging)
  • Auto drop messages
  • Dynamic ANI display per campaign
  • Cell Phone detector
  • Agent HTML script uploads (You can create custom scripts with any HTML development tool and upload them to be delivered to your agents for scripting needs)


Inbound – Your first 5 hours of IVR creations are covered under the set up costs good through your agreed go-live date

Features available:

  • Simple ACD
  • Multi-tier ACD
  • Call Blending
  • IVR follow me
  • DNIS/ANI/Caller ID lookup (data Mining)
  • Agent multi call handler


Administrator – Web accessed management and supervisory applications you can run from anywhere.

Features Available:                                                                                                       

  • WEB Dashboard
  • campaign stats
  • agent Monitoring/Coaching
  • WEB lead loading and exporting of results files
  • Campaign management
  • Multi Lead list uploads for a single campaign
  • Call Recordings with Searchable recordings for QA or exports
  • Canned reports for all agent and call activity


Agent Desktop – Remote or office based agents can log in with the browser based Agent Desktop and start taking calls within the first day in some instances.

Features Available:                                                                                         

  • WEB based non-client software required
  • Call blending Inbound/outbound
  • Call backs
  • Search feature
  • Agent hot Swap call transfer with screen
  • TPV transfer
  • 100% recordings
  • Agent private preview dialing
  • Import HTML pages for agent talk-through


What if I need a more robust solution for my center?

We can still provide the solution you need.  Ask about our more advanced offering of the full INexis platform

Available at the full INexis Custom platform

  • Custom development – New reports, functionality/feature requests and any other item not delivered out of the box
  • Integrations to third party systems, processes etc.
  • Scripting tool that allows for drag and drop functionality to create complex agent scripts  
  • IVR tool access and training to write your own IVRs
  • Web Services data passes for custom application use
  • Professional services are ready to take on any task.