We are a team of call center experts.  With a history of success in the dialer and call center software industry worldwide, Steve Bedermanformer CEO of Vocalcom North America and TouchStar, now CEO of thē Call Center Corporation, and his team have managed five different telephony providers combined.

  • We provide a wealth of experience managing dialer and related companies.
  • In addition, we maintain a pool of specialists in technology, software and IP at our disposal.
  • We offer a series of expert webinars sharing advice on pertinent topics in the call center industry.

We are customer centric. We aim to provide the best in client service.  We are interested in what you want and need in hosted VoIP and premise call center software and services. Take our call center survey.

  • What do you think are the best call center software products in the industry? Which products should we consider representing? What technology integrations do you want and need? Let us know.
  • In addition to emailing you the results in fourth quarter 2012, we’ll send you a special present if you also become a customer of thē Call Center Corporation — Steve Bederman will send you a signed set of his Mitch Jacobs book trilogy of corporate thrillers!
  • We will also let you know our response to the needs that you outline in the survey.

We want to help you to make good decisions on your call center technology.  Call us at 877.499.7012 or complete the contact form.