Many large organizations need more customized call center solutions to integrate databases of information and ensure security and redundancy in their call center operations.  The main reasons to choose a premise-based system for enterprise call center software are:

  • Integrating Multiple Databases:  Enterprises are looking to consolidate their IT services, and leverage a centralized customer repository.  Systems that segment customers by various database fields can help enterprises to provide premium service to high value customers, or target certain customer verticals.  This may require custom database integrations.  Premise-based systems can be more easily networked with other systems through custom integrations.
  • Unified Desktop.  Enterprises want to offer unified messaging and desktop applications with immediate access to multiple databases that integrate with back and front office applications, providing agents with a unified customer view.  This is important for inbound and outbound dialing.
  • Regulated Industries.  Compliance with FDCPA, FCC, and FTC regulations, or HIPAA or Entrust PCI compliance is critical to certain industries, and may be more easily achieved with a certified, on-premise solution.
  • Security and Redundancy:  To safeguard business continuity, you need to ensure that your infrastructure is housed in a fully secure, SSAE 16 certified facility that has redundant power, N+1 uninterruptible power systems, N+1 redundant generator systems, and N+1 cooling systems with ultrasonic humidification.  Also, you need multiple telecommunications carriers for voice and data and can quickly route calls to an alternate carrier in case there is a service interruption and core data devices in a High-Availability (HA) configuration for redundancy.  This may more easily be achieved if the inbound or outbound dialer solution is kept in-house.

Depending on the enterprise’s networking requirements with multiple databases, and back and front-end office functions, an on-premise contact center solution customized to meet the needs of the enterprise can best deliver the functionality and performance required.  In addition, keeping data in-house can help to ensure the security and redundancy required.

As call center experts, thē Call Center Corporation can help you to determine if a premise-based application is right for your business.