Hosted contact centers offer cloud based Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS).  Hosted VoIP call center solutions can be affordable solutions, especially for small and medium sized businesses.  Reasons to consider moving to a hosted dialer solution include:

  • Trade Capital Expenditure for Operating Expenses.  With a hosted VoIP call center service, you trade a large capital investment in equipment that will depreciate and become obsolete over time for a monthly expenditure.  Your monthly fee includes maintenance and support, so you do not pay additional annual fees.  You also do not house, maintain and upgrade the equipment or the software.  Overall, your total cost of ownership is lower in the short term.
  • Latest Software and Technology.  With a hosted VoIP dialer solution, contact center solutions are updated and upgraded automatically in the cloud, and implemented at no additional expense.   This is especially important to regulated high risk industries in which government requirements may change frequently.
  • Reliable.  Newer, hosted call center technology can be more reliable and easier to use than legacy systems in-house.  A service that is fully VoIP and web-based allows the pooling of networking, storage, and computing resources to maximize the utilization of hardware.  Servers can be duplicated virtually, and allow immediate (imperceptible) fail-over from one server to another, to ensure up-time.
  • Management of Remote Resources.  The hosted contact center model is the perfect solution for ensuring that all remote locations have the same availability to send or receive calls, identical agent and supervisor interfaces, and access to one common database of customer information.  Also, with skills based routing, calls can be routed to the most capable remote agent or at home agent regardless of his or her location.  Hosted VoIP services connect all locations and provide supervisors with real-time performance data for better remote management and reporting capabilities.
  • Easy to Use.  New hosted VoIP call center software provides an easy user interface that lets you drag and drop elements to customize your Agent and Supervisor screens, and design your own outbound or inbound scripts to meet the needs of your business.  Supervisors can view agent screens remotely, and monitor, barge, or conference with callers to ensure a quality interaction with the customer.
  • Scalable and Flexible.  Unlike a lot of call center solutions, a hosted dialer solution can scale up and down with your business needs.  You can add seats in the busy season, and remove them in the slow season.  This can save you money by not investing in underutilized seats and help you to handle calls during busy times and not leave money on the table.

thē Call Center Corporation can help you to determine if a hosted, or cloud-based VoIP call center solution will meet your small to medium enterprise (SME)’s needs.