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Voice One is proud to be part of the Bederman family of companies, which is owned and managed by professionals with decades of experience in the messaging and customer communication industries. Some of the most widely recognized brands in corporate America have put their trust in our team to increase brand awareness, build loyalty and expand the market base of their most valuable business commodity – the customer. We have successfully directed thousands of time-sensitive, high-visibility campaigns in all segments of customer marketing and communications.

With a passion for innovation of automated messaging, Ringless Voicemail and SMS services we are dedicated to handling all of the details of your customer communication campaigns. Our experience has taught us that every small detail of a campaign can significantly impact the results. With a deep commitment to customer service, we take the time to review and test every campaign prior to launch to ensure flawless execution. We believe that this is a mutually beneficial approach that will lead to a long lasting relationship.

Below is a sampling of our products:


Full Service

The full-service provider offers a multichannel communication platform featuring voice and text solutions designed to deliver targeted and personalized messages, such as appointment and payment reminders. The hosted system has the ability to handle virtually any interactive messaging campaign that can be imagined providing reliability, innovation and scalability that will inevitably relieve pressure on a business.

Voice One’s experienced staff will be able to lead a client through the entire campaign development cycle and manage all aspects of the operation. This allows clients to stay-focused on their core competencies and rely on Voice One to develop the most cost-effective and results-oriented messaging solutions.


Ringless Voicemail

Messages can be delivered to certain mobile and landline carrier voicemail systems without the intrusive “ringing” of the phone. No more interruptions during dinner. An effective way to deliver complex messages where recipient can “rewind” and re-listen as needed.


General Voice Broadcast

Automate voice communications utilizing our Broadcast Messaging service. Send thousands or millions of one-way “blast” messages or interact with clients via outbound or inbound Interactive Voice Response calls. Customers can interact with the message and provide valuable information back to you.

Depending on the type of campaign or project – e.g. informational broadcast, inbound marketing response, debt collections, survey’s, etc. – we are able to provide the most effective voice communications system to achieve your goals and maximize results.


Interactive Calls

Press-1 transfers suits all businesses that need to contact a targeted list. It is simple to set up and simple to run because an auto dialer calls a contact number from the list. Then on recipient pick-up, the software plays a recorded message. If the contact then wishes to speak with a live agent, he or she can press key “1″ to progress the call.  It’s that easy!


Mobile Marketing

Text messaging is an effective way to “stay connected” to mobile customers. Over 90% have their mobile phone within reach 24/7, and text message response time is 90 seconds vs. 90 minutes for email.

By adding text messaging to a communication strategy you improve the likelihood of having a message delivered. Inform through one-way texts or receive feedback from your client via two-way text messages, as well as extensive tools to generate mobile coupons, develop mobile websites, QR code generator, Text to Win, Auto Responders, SMS Polls, Opt-in Lead Generators, and more.



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